Spring is Here


So I live in Central Illinois and work at a garden center in the spring. You would think I’ve seen every flower there is right. But you would be surprised. Look at this beauty we grew that flowered the other day! I’ve seen some pretty amazing flowers over the years but this has to be my favorite one.

It is a Fizzy Lemonberry Pansy and full of eye catching color. Yellow, dark dark red, burgundy and bright purple just blend perfectly together to give this flower depth.

Bring on Spring!

Why do things happen in waves?

I have always wondered this.  Why do things (bad and good) always seem to come in waves?  I’m sure there is some explanation out there in the interwebs but I really don’t feel like looking.  I just like to be miserable when multiple bad things happen, and excited when the good things come around.  Right now, our family has hit one of those bad sections so I’m a little down.

It all started a week and a half ago when our daughter had a cold.  She was getting better and then BOOM.  One morning she woke up with boogers all over her face, in her hair, eyelashes and one eye.  What a mess!  So I cleaned her up as best I could but I apparently missed some on her eye because she promptly developed an eye infection.  Great.  Now this wouldn’t be so bad except she attends Pre-K and they are very strict about kids being sick (which I totally understand) and she had to stay home for days.  So I had lots of fun struggling with her to get her eye drops in 4 times a day.  Very fun for anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure to do so (just kidding!)

On goes the saga.  After we managed to control the eye infection we were running out of hot water one night.  Hmmm, what could be going on?  So the next morning I went downstairs to feed the cat and voila, the basement was flooded.  Yup, the boiler decided it was too hot and there was too much pressure so the pressure valve opened and let out water.   And of course the boiler is near the laundry so all the laundry got  soaked – the Christmas boxes – the books – along with everything else that most people keep in the basement.  So my husband called work and said he’d be late and we got the little one off to school and started moping and throwing stuff out.  Hours later and about 2 gallons of mopped up water later we turned on the fan and had the basement nice and dry.  Hubby had lunch and went to work and I went back downstairs to put another load of messy laundry into the washer.

You guessed it.  The basement was flooded AGAIN!  And this time since there wasn’t as much in the way to soak up the water it went even further!  All the way to where I have my paper supplies for my cards and scrapbooks.  I picked up the bag with my scrapbooks in it and water just poured out the bottom, I nearly panicked.  OK I did panic, but thankfully as I was tearing them out of the bag the water hadn’t actually gotten high enough inside the bag – so only the outsides of the books were wet and luckily they had plastic covers.  Thankfully!

So my poor husband had to come home AGAIN and help mop up another 3 gallons of water (we also had a bucket under the valve that had about 3 gallons) and dried the basement out again.  By now we were sick of the boiler and never want to see another one again!  So we managed to get a plumber out that night and yes we need a new boiler.  We kind of expected it though, so at least we are happy we will have plenty of hot water again.

So we were good for about a week.  No more flooding.  And then our car needed an oil change and it been making a funny noise for a while.  Took it to see what the problem was and the spring on the wheel assembly is completely broken.  Really?  How the heck does that even HAPPEN?  I didn’t even know you COULD break that!  Was my husband secretly attempting to become the Evel Knievel of Volkswagens and jumping over canyons?

Highly doubtful.  But it is what it is.

Oh well, life goes on right?  Stuff breaks, we get sick and then we hopefully get better.  I will continue to be happy, so far we’ve always gotten better.  I suppose I can’t really complain yet.  So I hope anyone reading this has a wonderful day, and if something happens just remember to stay positive (trust me I know it’s hard.)  But – Lucky me, I get a new boiler and lots of hot water again.  And we didn’t really need all the stuff we had stored.  And our daughter is feeling better.  And someone wants to buy our car – even knowing they need to get it fixed.  Luckily things come in good waves too.

Etsy Love Blog Hop

Hello Again!

Last time I told you a little bit about myself and this time I would like to tell you a little about my Etsy team – The Etsy Greetings Team!  Like it sounds we are a diverse group of greeting card artists.  We have members who make photo cards, folded paper cards, graphic design cards, stamped cards, watercolored and drawn cards and many more!  We are each very unique and from all over the world, and it has been such a pleasure to meet all of them.

As a team event we are doing a blog hop – you can click on the arrows at the bottom of the post to go to the blog before mine and the blog after mine.  For this event we were to pick a Valentine card from our shop and another item from Etsy to pair with it.  For the card in my shop I picked my Valentine Flat Note Cards.  They have a picture on them of my kitten hugging her toy mouse and say ‘Sending Hugs Your Way’ on the top corner:

Flat Notecard Set of 5 Black Cat Love Black and White Matte Photo Card

The item I paired this with is from one of my favorite shops on Etsy – SusanFaye.  She is a wonderful artist who has mostly garden and cat themed items – I’m sure you can see why I like her shop!  I have bought something from her already, a pendant with a portrait of my cat who passed away this spring.  She did a wonderful job and I will always cherish it.  She has quite a few listings for Valentine’s Day so don’t miss out!  Like this one here:

Personalized Cat Pendant...White Longhair Kitty...  Choice of 4 Holiday Colors

Thanks again for looking and have fun going through the rest of the hop!

So I have started again

So I had started a blog not to long ago – only to decide I didn’t like the format and needed to switch to WordPress.  So here I am!  Getting ready to start and share all my love of nature and crafts – and maybe some other things as well.  Here’s a nice picture of one of my favorite things, my new kitten Hermione!

My new kitten Hermione taking a nap